Baja Grill Catering, Restaurant. and Luncheria


Choose one of our carefully prepared Meat
or Vegetarian items to go with your meal

Red Chile Shredded Chicken

Stewed for hours with a unique blend of New Mexico Red Chile, garlic, oregano, and cumin.

New Mexico Shredded Beef

Very lean, very mean! We slowly oven roast the leanest cuts of beef for hours on end with garlic, bay leaf, cumin, and New Mexico Red Chile.

Jaime’s Pulled Pork Carnitas

Tender pork shoulder, slowly roasted with bayleaf, salt, pepper, and pepsi cola! This is the Best Pork Carnitas you will ever find!

Roasted seasonal Vegetables

All natural goodness. A blend of tasty seasonal veggies, roasted with cumin and garlic.

Mexican Restaurant - Baja Grill