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Baja Grill Mexican Restaurant and Taqueria

Best Mexican Food in Portland for 2007 Please Vote for Baja Grill

Portland's own award winning Mexican Restaurant and Taqueria is located in the heart of downtown at 827 SW Second Avenue, Portland Oregon. The award winning Mexican food is available Monday thru Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM just a short walk from the courthouse. Baja Grill puts the love back into the food.

Best Mexican Food in Portland

Baja Grill has been voted the best Mexican food in Portland more than once. When you try our food you will know why. Whether your appetite is large or small we have award winning Mexican food to fill the bill. Just check out our fantastic menu. Whether you are looking for a combination meal or a taco you have come to the right place.

Top 5 Burritos in Portland

Our award winning burritos have been selected Portland's best 2 years in a row. If you are looking for a Mexican Restaurant - Taqueria that serves a meal in a tortilla Baja Grill is the place you are looking for. We serve a full line of burritos. Whether you are looking for wonderful traditional Mexican food burritos, exquisite Baja grilled burritos, or fantastic fish burritos Baja Grill is your taqueria.

Best Vegetarian Food in Portland

Baja Grill has taken Mexican food to new heights with our vegetarian delights. Our Mexican Restaurant has been selected for honors as serving the best vegetarian food in Portland. Leading the way for our vegetarian delights is our vivacious grilled veggie burrito and our tostada salads.

I can give you AWARD WINNING QUALITY Mexican food in 5 minutes at the Taqueria, our Fantastic Mexican Restaurant.

Mark Lopez - Executive Chef/Owner Baja Grill

Mexican Restaurant - Baja Grill